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Master of Riddles

The Riddler Fan Community

Official Riddler Fan Community
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This is the Official Riddler Fan Community, because I thought it was high time one of the greatest villians ever got a community. So essentially anything relating to the Riddler can go here. If it's a fanfic or neat drawing of the Riddler, by all means, put it up. Made icons? Link them here. Just want to talk about E. Nigma, what he is up to, and why you like him? Feel free.

Couple of things if you want to join:
1. All fanart/fanfiction is accepted as long as it's put behind an lj-cut. This serves two purposes: A. So that we can move down to the next entry quickly, and B. If it's something any of us doesn't really want to see, we don't have to. Naturally, a warning like "This contains slash" or whatever is expected.

2. Hide anything that's huge in terms of spoilers in a cut. It's just common sense.

3. Don't be an ass. Honestly, you expect that people shouldn't be told that, but you are wrong. Just don't get on people's cases if they happen to like the Riddler's design from "The Batman" (I personally don't) or something

4. Please try to tag your entries for sake of ease. Like "fanfic" for fan fiction, "fan art" for fan art, and so on.

As of this moment, that's all there is to it.

Questions? Complaints? Suggestions? Email me at overlordzio@gmail.com

With thanks to mccoy for making the design for the community main page