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[Fanfic]: Machiavellian Symbiosis [Apr. 28th, 2013|12:26 pm]
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Title: Machiavellian Symbiosis
Rating: PG-13 (I guess...)
Relationship: Scarecrow/Riddler
Summary: This fic is a bit difficult to explain, but it sort of explores the idea of Scarecrow and Riddler forming a relationship (non-sexual at first, although it transitions to that later), around their interlocking neurosis. Basically, the idea of Scarecrow having a god-complex, and Riddler's compulsive need for attention and approval from an authority figure (due to his daddy-issues). Eventually, it will explore the differences between their consensual trade-off (ie: Edward allowing Jonathan to control him in return for Jonathan choosing to paying attention to him), and forcing other people to either submit or pay attention to them (ie: Jonathan forcing other people to be afraid with fear gas, and Edward forcing Batman and the police to pay attention to him through committing crimes).

The title is a reference to Machiavelli's idea that it is better to be feared than loved, but only when one cannot be both, as the story basically postulates that being both is much more satisfying than being one. I know that sort of implies that Jonathan is the main focus, but he isn't. It's 50/50. The first chapter is the set-up/forging of their "friendship," and is basically the same scene twice, seen through each of their points of view. This takes place in the Arkham Asylum Universe.

Chapter 1 Summary: Jonathan has listened to Edward's interview tapes, and realized an inconsistency in his story about his father's abuse, and confronts Edward about being a lair.

Warnings: Dark and intensely psychological. I also feel like it's a bit intellectual (thus the title). Although both characters and their reasoning are shown in-depth, I'm not sure how sympathetic they are. I was sort of tired of seeing Edward always portrayed as the "normal" person in this pairing, when I feel like Edward's behavior is decidedly that of a masochist (ie: any attention is good attention, and preferring negative attention over no attention at all), and masochistic reasoning (especially when coupled with narcissism) is never "normal."

Here's a link to the story, as I really am out of practice with the whole LJ-cut deal.

Chapter 1: Lair.

You can leave reviews here or at the story's actual page, I'm not really picky. If you have actual questions, however, you might want to leave those here, as I can't really respond at ff.net. Thanks!